The Animal Activist’s Handbook
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Matt Ball
Matt is currently co-founder and President of One Step for Animals and a member of the Communications Team at The Good Food Institute (GFI).

In 2014, he published The Accidental Activist, for which Dr. Michael Greger wrote, “Over the past two decades, Matt Ball has had a singularly profound influence on the animal protection movement in the United States. Matt's reasoned, eloquent focus on having the biggest possible impact with the greatest possible efficiency has resonated with tens of thousands of individuals, and created fundamental, pragmatic change on every level of the movement.” He blogs at See also this 2015 article: Matt Ball: Changing the world by example, advocacy.

Before working full-time for the animals, Matt was a Research Fellow in the Department of Biology at the University of Pittsburgh while working on a Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. He lives in Tucson, AZ with his wife Anne Green, Executive Director of One Step for Animals and also in the International Department for GFI. Their kid EK is a lifelong vegan, a nationally-recognized scholar, and athlete.

Bruce Friedrich is co-founder and Executive Director of The Good Food Institute, The Good Food Institute is a nonprofit that serves as a think tank, incubator, and accelerator for the plant-based and clean meat, egg, and dairy fields. GFI's team of scientists, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and policy experts is laser-focused on using food innovation and markets to transform our current system from factory-farmed animal products to plant-based and clean meat alternatives. .

Bruce has penned opinion pieces for USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. Bruce is a popular speaker on college campuses and has presented repeatedly at most of the nation's top universities, including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT. Bruce co-authored two books, contributed chapters to six books, and authored seven law review articles. Bruce graduated magna cum laude from the Georgetown Law and Phi Beta Kappa from Grinnell College. He also holds degrees from Johns Hopkins University and the London School of Economics. Some of his writings are available here.