The Animal Activist’s Handbook
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The Animal Activist’s Handbook



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AlterNet: Why Progressives Should Care About Animal Rights

Virginia Messina, MPH, RD:

Animal liberation is the moral imperative of our time and, according to Matt and Bruce, we can revel in the opportunity we have to be a part of the world’s next great ethical advance. It will happen—but it is dependent on optimal advocacy. That’s why every animal rights activist needs to read this book. [full review]

The Huffington Post:

With only five chapters, a reference section, and three appendices that tackle some philosophical issues surrounding animal welfare, The Animal Activists' Handbook is a quick one- to two-sitting read that could inspire its readers to a lifetime of activism in behalf of human and nonhuman animals. [full review]

Compassion Over Killing:

In a way never before attempted, let alone accomplished, Ball and Friedrich provide the reasons, rationale, and tools for a meaningful life; it is now up to us.